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Your dynamic agreements platform - Conquering business challenges of today.
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Running a company is hard. We make life easier.

With Equa, you can overcome bureaucratic roadblocks before they become business challenges. By digitizing your company’s documentation from the start, you eliminate problems before they surface. With Equa you will:
Spend less on legal fees, protecting your P&L.
Eliminate the need for paper storage, increasing efficiency.
Leverage a central source of truth, securing audit trails.
Simplify the creation and management documents, saving valuable time.
Create clean documents, eliminating version control issues.
Utilize advanced technology, ensuring security of information
Manage your capitalization table, controlling your company’s assets.

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Equa’s Products And Features


Capitalization Table

Fortify your business assets using the cap table management tool. Enjoy superior equity and asset management.

Equa Transfer

Secure your financial records and accounts using our in-house transfer agent relationships.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Manage your ESOP using our platform. Stop using outdated and error-prone ESOP systems.

409A Valuations

Appraise the fair market value of your company's common stock using Equa's smart technology. Get an audit-prepared, safe harbor asset valuation. Automate the tedious process of valuing your assets while reducing costs and saving time.

Scenario Analysis

Prepare for the future by analyzing the impact of fundraising and stock dilution by taking advantage of Equa's predictive technology. Minimize the uncertainty or concern over what happens if your company experiences an exit event or other unpredictable business challenge.


Structural Efficiency

Convert your companies structural agreements into actionable living agreements. Minimize excessive legal fees by adding your legal team for direct approval.

Formation Documents

Form your business entity directly into your Equa account for immediate integration with your organizations. No more wasted time doing your own filings.

Business Agreements

Facilitate your operational and legal agreements using our software as a central source of truth. Never lose sleep over possible document errors.


Permissioned-Based Access

Keep your documents organized and customized without fear of security risks. Grant different levels of access to individual users.

Data Rooms

Access a secure investor data room. Make your investors happy with easily accessible information.

Notification System

Interact with your organization using our communication system. Don't fret about getting bogged down with multiple chat platforms.

Evolve your Entity

Use Equa’s secure tools to take your entity above and beyond.
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Meet our CEO, Shawn Owen

Shawn Owen is an entrepreneur with experience in management and ownership of enterprise operations with a passion for systems development, business operations, product delivery, and client service. Shawn became involved with blockchain technology through his advocacy of bitcoin in early 2011. He frequently speaks and writes on blockchain technology and digital currencies.

A dynamic and energetic operator with 23 years in business operations with proven track record of progressive graduation of growth, both personal and professional. Shawn has experience in both corporate structure globally administered and owner operated concepts.
"... by embedding agreements into a simple user interface, we provide people immense transparency to evolve their businesses and organizations ..."
~ Shawn Owen