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We founded Equa to help entrepreneurs manage their business agreements and coordinate their organization without dealing with additional stress. Just obtaining an operating agreement is expensive and complicated. Every time a document requires an amendment, you have to return to an attorney and waste resources.

Existing record keeping solutions are also inadequate for storing and tracking documents. The problem is compounded by bad actors, who take advantage of inefficiencies to defraud you. Our objective is to use technology to organize your agreements in a way that allows their evolution to be tracked within a ledger. In this way, agreements become more automated, secure, and protected, allowing you to reduce risk while saving time and money.

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Our Mission

To organize all agreements in a way that improves the way humans come to consensus.

Our Vision

To organize all agreements into a historical source of truth and to allow for frictionless efficient creation, evolution and storage between parties of all agreements and related transactions.

Equa Leadership

Shawn Owen
Founder & CEO
Mr. Owen is a serial entrepreneur with experience in management and ownership of enterprise operations with a passion for systems development, business operations, product delivery, and client service. After becoming involved in smart technology in 2010, he frequently speaks and writes on this additional passion.
Christopher Price
Mr. Price is an operations, product development, and business strategy executive with a passion for tech startups and grand visions. He has delivered strategic alignment and transformation as a leader at innovative companies for more than 20 years, earned an MBA in Venture Management from the University of Denver, and co-invented 4 US technology patents.
James Temple, CPA
Mr. Temple is an accomplished C level executive and strategic partner and adviser to the CEO, Board of Directors and Management team. Business model expert with strategy, operations, finance, capital raising and m&a background focused on building customer and shareholder value.
Josef Schaible
COO of Equa Transfer
Mr. Schaible has 20+ years experience in FinTech and entrepreneurship. He Co-Founded enterprises such as NexTrade, Matchbookfx, Anderen Financial, and AtlasBanc Panama, as well as was former President of LavaFlow, a division of Citigroup. He holds FINRA Licenses: Series 4, 7, 24, 27, 53, 55, 63, 79 & 99.

Meet the Equanauts

Kelley Cochran
Chief of Staff
Kyle Croyle
Client Success Manager
Matt Armstrong
President Equa AU Ltd
Sten Wie
VP of Sales

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