What are your 
Organizational Challenges?

From creation to execution to management, we are on a crusade to make the management of your business documents easier and faster. The Equa Start world-class ecosystem is designed to help your business flourish.

You are often beset by a variety of challenges, and we'll help reduce the risk involved in organizational challenges such as:

  • What happens if you become embedded in litigious and expensive lawsuit?
  • What happens if fake news infiltrates your organization?
  • What happens if your partners breach their contract?
  • What happens if you lose your important documentation or maintain errors in operational agreements?
  • What happens to your organization and its assets if you die?

If you haven't already considered these issues, it's time that you think about how these types of risks can affect your business. We have multiple ways to help.

Document Maintenance

You'll want your organization to remain resilient and prepared for the future, especially if you become besieged by uncertainties and unknowns. That's why you'll receive our superior document storage and versioning system.

  • Manage and automate important contractual agreements.
  • Create a new organization or modernize the current one.
  • Generate custom-made documents.
  • Receive auto-filling for all documentation when possible.

Financial Control

Cap table management can become a legal and financial nightmare for business owners if not carefully attended. You don't want to mismanage your cap table. It could be a costly mistake, adding up to steep legal fees. Let us help. Features we offer:

Legal and Compliance

Business owners often fear failing compliance checks and getting enmeshed in ongoing lawsuits. You'll have access to our legal partners and attorneys. You'll receive:

  • Entity Formation Support
  • Structural Effeciency
  • Operating Agreements
  • Business Agreements

Conquer your organizational challenges today.

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